According to municipal statistics obtained by the Star-Telegram, two Fort Worth eateries were closed for major health code breaches following inspections conducted between July 31 and August 12. The city shut down Chicken Express on Bridgewood Drive and Chubby’s Burger Shack after inspectors identified violations substantial enough to warrant their closure. Restaurants in Fort Worth are assessed based on their demerits. The higher the score, the more demerits there are. Restaurants with more than 30 demerits must solve the most serious faults right away and clean up the remainder within 48 hours, while a perfect score is zero.

According to the inspector’s records, the Chicken Express in Bridgewood was closed down when inspectors saw roaches crawling on the wall of the warewashing room, inside a bulk flour container, in the garbage carts, and in bulk containers in the kitchen. The eatery has 18 flaws. Chubby’s Burger Shack, which features both a restaurant and a lounge, only had three infractions but was forced to close the restaurant owing to insufficient ventilation. Aside from the ventilation issue, the inspector noticed that a qualified food safety manager was either not engaged by the firm or was not available.

Meadowbrook Food Store, located at 6601 Meadowbrook Drive, received the maximum score of 30 demerits. Inspectors found poorly stored food, an inadequately running water distribution system, dirty food contact surfaces, and an ice bucket and ice scoop kept in a mop bucket on August 12.