Dolly Parton is well-known for her unusual voice, trendy features, cheery demeanor, and positive outlook on life. Now, a devoted follower and high school senior is perplexed “”What would Dolly do?” she wondered after being targeted at a pleasant senior moment.

Will Lepard has a wall covered in Dolly Parton record covers that he’s been collecting since his freshman year of high school. He stated that it all began with a spark of interest.

“I began by listening to her and then gradually began to watch interviews,” he explained.

That was all it needed to move from curiosity to full-fledged Dolly Parton fandom. When it came time to pick what to paint on his senior parking space at Aledo High School, the decision was simple. He was going to paint the symbol.

The work began once the logistics were in place. The parking lot took many hours to construct.

“Definitely more than 40 hours since I was trying to prep everything at home, then going to high school and utilizing all of my spare time outside of work to make sure I finished it before school started,” Lepard said.

Then there was a phone call on Saturday. The painting had been destroyed by someone. The news was delivered to Lepard by his mother. They discovered her when she was out shopping.

“I absolutely broke down in the shop, told my husband we had to go, and phoned him weeping because I’m just sad,” Molley Michel explained. “It was almost like his masterpiece.”

Lepard’s parking place was the only one that had been spray painted on, and he couldn’t help but feel targeted. He promptly vowed not to let it get to him. He stated that he will paint it again with the same intensity as the first time.

“He has all of God’s grace in him because he says, ‘That’s just paint,'”” Michel spoke on her son’s fortitude. “However, not to me. That is my child.”

People have stepped forward to give assistance, demonstrating that compassion triumphs over ill intentions. Lepard will shortly resume work on the painting, hoping to make it sing even better than the first time.

“First and foremost, I can demonstrate to myself that I am capable of doing better. “And also to show whomever did it that I’m not going to give up for a slot that I worked so hard for,” he stated.

Following the event, an Aledo ISD spokeswoman issued the following statement:

“Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify anyone involved, but we are urging anyone with knowledge about this event to come forward,” added the statement “In a statement, the district said “We can’t wait to watch Will create another masterpiece for everyone to enjoy with his can-do attitude and forgiving heart.”